Sunday, February 28, 2010

halo ce: level 3

#3. start off sniping the enemy from a fixed position. WATCH THE PATH WAYS FOR THE CLIFF SIDE AND DON'T FALL OFF!!!!!!!!! Another note, use the enemy turrets to help fight them off. Once at the gravity lift, hold off until the cut seen, going into the ship. Note to fighting off the enemy: do not stay still, move to the enemy and open up. use the invisibility device to sneak through the hall way. open the door in the holding bay and fire at will! follow the nav point to the door. go to the shuttle bay, and fight off a new enemy called the hunters. if you have low amounts of men a drop ship will come to deliver more. make your way up to the 3 floor and go down the passage way to the bridge. Watch out for the sword carrying elite. go to the brig and free Keyes from the cell. go back to the shuttle bay and get to the cut seen. So that's it.
P.S. this picture is for HALO WARS not HALO CE.

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Heart2Heart said...


I'll make sure that anyone I know in the blog world that is a huge fan of Halo Evolve, to come check out your blog.

Your doing a great job posting these hints!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat