Saturday, March 6, 2010

Halo CE: level 4

level 4, first off, if you have the trial version of the game, then you already have played this level. if not then listen up. first clear the beach of covenant troops. get the warthog and drive forward. go up the hill and find the entrance to the map room. You will not be fast enough to stop the door from closing. if you keep going forward and to the path into the island you will get to the security override station. One thing, the invisible elites will attack after the radio signal from a doomed pelican. fight them and go up the incline. the pelican will be toast, so don't waste time on looking over the crash. one note to those who read this, there is a glitch where you can drive the warthog up the path. it only works one way and don't waste time if you are trying to do a fast run through. In the wreckage of the pelican drop-ship is a rocket launcher, use it on the things called hunters. By the way there should be a pamphlet with the game explaining what they are. If not they're the big blue-orange monsters. Go back to the opened door and go down. Watch out for hunters! go to the cartographer and go back up. At the end you will see the pelican stop and wait for you to board. Then sit back for the cut seen. Well that's it, sorry for the long wait.
Sean's art