Saturday, February 20, 2010

Halo CE: level 2

Ok level 2, you start of with all of your crew on the life pod dying. Stock up on ammunition and head to the hills. A drop ship and two banshee fliers will come. After taking them out go to the left side on the bridge, make your way to the waterfall but to the left. After a talk from the A.I. go down the pass. Help the crew out and deflect the drop-ships. Once done, learn to drive the warthog. Go into the tunnel and drive. After activating the holo-bridge, go down the tunnel. Find the empty life pod and get a sniper rifle. A note to those who are reading: If you have an option to do co-op campaign, do it. It will help in the long run to have backup. Now back to the game. You will have to hold a position until "fone-hammer" gets there. At the first sight fone-hammer will tell you the next locations. Go to them and hold out the enemy. Ok once done you will end at a cut seen of you and the troupes leaving. Next level 3.

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