Saturday, November 8, 2008


Had a great Halloween? Well this will be a scorcher! HIGH GAS PRICES!!!!! That's right, just 3 to 5 weeks ago, we had almost reached $6.99, and nine tenths in some places!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The picture is just what i went as for Halloween, pretty scary right? If you zoom in you see the price $ 5.99!!!!
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*********up date Nov18, 08 !!!!*******
This just in, gas is now reaching possibly $0.50 a gallon!!!!!!!!!!!!All people can finally go allot further with out imptting are wallits so fast. thanks for visiting, sean


Gnightgirl said...

Great costume; very innovative!
If gas gets down to .50, we're probably going to buy barrells and fill them up.

SeansArt said...
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